Geosar professional providing Pile Testing Services, which includes provision of competent and experienced pile engineers and/or technicians, test report which includes the interpretation and analysis of the test results, considering safety and quality of the work activities. Most common type of pile tests are:

Dynamic Load Testing is usually carried out to determine pile capacity, soil resistance distribution and settlement characteristics of the installed bored pile to assure that the pile undergoes the actual applied load and the settlement will be within the tolerable limits.  The dynamic pile test utilizes the impact of a hammer drop on the pile to provide the reaction load necessary to determine the capacity of the pile.

Caliper Logging Test is a cost-effective quality control and quality assurance tool to ensure that the boreholes are within the acceptable design properties. Caliper Logging Test is performed to verify the actual borehole diameter, length, estimated volume of concrete and the location of hard & soft formation.

Cross Hole Sonic Logging Test is carried out to determine the quality and consistency of concrete between pairs of tubes pre-installed in drilled shafts, bored piles, cast in-situ piles and other types of concrete foundations.

Pile Integrity Test is carried out to find major faults in cast-in-place piles in order to assure that the piles had been correctly constructed.  This test is considered quick, economic and reliable in assessment of pile foundations.

Static Loading Test is an in-situ type of load testing used in geotechnical investigation to determine the behavior of the pile under axial loading, verify its load carrying capacity, load transfer mechanism, to evaluate the pile shaft friction and settlement prior to the construction of a building. It involves direct measurement of pile head displacement, strain along the pile shaft and displacement of the pile toe in response to a physically applied test load.

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